Past Hon Secretaries

A timeline of the Honorary Secretaries of Penzance, Newlyn and Penlee Lifeboats

Date    Name
 Penzance Hon Secretaries
1826-1862    Richard Pearce
1862-1864    Cmndr. Cl Austin, RN, CG
1864-1866    W.D. Mathews, Jr
1866-1875  Nicholas B. Downing
1875-1882  John Mathews
1882-1886  Frederick C Mathews
1886-1913  Col. T.H. Cornish
1913-1917  Barrie B. Bennetts
1917-1919  Capt. J Sincock
1908-1913  Col. T.H. Cornish
 Penlee Hon Secretaries
1913-1917  Barrie B. Bennetts
1917-1919  Capt. J Sincock
1919-1957  Barrie B. Bennetts, MBE
1957-1964  l.K. Bennetts
1964-1989  Del Johnson
 Penlee Lifeboat Operations Manager (LOM) 
 1989-Present  Andrew Munson



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 Barrie B. Bennetts, MBE - Hon Secretary 1913-1917 & 1919-1957

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Del Johnson - Hon Secretary 1964-1989

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Andrew Munson - Lifeboat Operations Manager 1989-Present

Andrew originally applied to become a crew member, but failed his medical due to colour-blindness. Nevertheless he did volunteer unofficially on a few shouts. Andrew was soon promoted as a DLA (Deputy Launching Authority) and in 1989 succeeded Del Johnson as Honorary Secretary.

The role name changed to Lifeboat Operations Manager(LOM).

In 1988 Andrew was also made French Consul, very useful in the port of Newlyn with a huge migration of French fishermen.

His RNLI service was rewarded with a Gold Award and the RNLI's special award of binoculars, and even his expertise in French was celebrated with his being nominated as a "Chevalier De L'Ordre Maritime”