RNLB Mollie & Ivor Dent - Atlantic 85.


The Atlantic 85 carries a full suite of communication and electronic navigation aids, including VHF radio, VHF direction finding, intercom, DGPS and electronic chart, radar and hand-held VHF, as well as a searchlight, night-vision equipment and illuminating paraflares for night-time operations.  In the event of a capsize, a crew member activates a gas bottle to inflate the self-righting bag and the lifeboat turns upright in a few seconds.


Date introduced to RNLI:​ 2005

On station:​ August 2016

ON: B-893

Launch type: Versidock

​​Number in fleet: ​39 at station plus 11 in relief fleet​

Crew:​​ 4

Length:​ 8.44m​​

Beam/width:​ 2.85m​​

Draught/depth:​ 0.53m​​

Displacement/load:​ 1.8 tonnes

​​Max speed:​ 35 knots​​

Fuel capacity: ​210 litres​​

Operational Range/endurance: ​2.5 hours

​​Construction:​ Hull – carbon fibre and foam core laminate, structure includes epoxy glass and foam sandwich layup, with marine plywood stiffening & Inflatable collar – hypalon-coated nylon

​​Engines:​ 2 x Yamaha; 4-stroke; 115hp each

​​Survivor capacity: ​20

Funded by: The late Mollie Dent from Newbury, Berkshire