W & S History Book

Our Lifeboat Press Officer, Elaine Trethowan is currently working on a new book about the W & S Lifeboat - stationed at Penlee from 1930 until 1960.

Photo credit: Dudley Penrose collection


Rod Shaw, current owner of the W & S Lifeboat, journalist Graeme Ewens and Elaine are writing a new book about the life and history of the longest serving Penlee lifeboat, W & S. This will be a two year project, hopefully to coincide with her full restoration. They're very interested in any photos or information about the W & S that maybe be out there in the community. Several amazing stories and photos have already been uncovered but I’m sure there are more to share!  

If you have any photos of the lifeboat, her crew, newspaper cuttings, or any information to help with research, please send us a message - Thanks