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19/04/18 13:00 50-foot trawler with 3 persons onboard aground on a mud bank ALB TBD Towed to safety in deeper water
13/04/18 20:00 Overdue kayaker BOTH TBD kayaker was located entering Lamorna
13/04/18 19:35 Launch regarding a concern for welfare BOTH TBD Awaiting information
13/04/18 09:15 Tow local fishing boat with fouled propeller ILB TBD Brought back to Newlyn
20/03/18 13:05 Stand-up paddle boarder in difficulty ILB TBD Located casualty near the Mount, taken back to Marazion Beach
13/03/18 17:05 Middle aged fisherman with a suspected ankle injury ALB TBD Escorted vessel to calmer waters and transferred casualty to lifeboat, brought back to Newlyn
17/02/18 18:55 Lone angler cut off by incoming tide ILB SW 3-4 Picked up by ILB and brought back to station to warm up
16/02/18 10:07 Local 33-foot netter, with two persons onboard, broken down ALB SW 3 Towed vessel safely back to a berth on the pontoon in Newlyn Harbour
09/02/18 06:57 Lone fisherman in inflatable with engine failure ALB NW 7-8 Located casualty and brought him into Newlyn
30/01/18 18:28 Assist in tow by Sennen Cove Lifeboat of Newlyn Crabber ALB TBD tow affixed to vessel and Penlee acted as a brake to get vessel in Newlyn harbour
24/01/18 09:29 Recovery of life-belt floating near St Michael’s Mount and area search ALB WSW 6-7 Life-belt identified as coming from a tanker that was currently at anchor off the west coast of Morocco
17/01/18 17:15 Asssit French trawler, with a crew of 5, that was taking on water in her fish room 8 miles SSE of Newlyn ALB W 7 Escorted the ‘Mor Briez’ back into Newlyn Harbour where a pump was placed onboard


 Launch details:



 Shout 19/04/18@ 13:00 top of page

At 1.00pm at the request of the Newlyn Harbour Master, and with the agreement of the Penlee Lifeboat Operations Manager, the all-weather lifeboat ‘Ivan Ellen’ slipped her moorings and went to the assistance of 50-foot trawler with 3 persons onboard that had gone aground on a mud bank at the entrance to Newlyn Harbour.

The trawler was listing to port, and with a further 2 hours of ebb tide, there was a danger that she would roll over onto her port side and possibly sink on the incoming tide.

Within minutes the volunteer crew had connected a tow rope, at this stage it didn’t look like the vessel would move as it was hard aground and listing heavily. Gradually, on each swell, the ‘Ivan Ellen’ managed to drag the trawler a few feet at a time and eventually she was towed to safety in deeper water outside Newlyn Harbour. A message of thanks has since been received via our Facebook page from the skipper of the vessel in question.

Crew....Patch Harvey (cox), Tony Rendle (mech), Kenny Downing, Tom Pascoe, and Ben Keogh.



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Both Penlee Lifeboats launched to search for an overdue kayaker who had left Praa Sands to paddle across Mount’s Bay to Lamorna. 

The kayaker was located just entering Lamorna.



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Both Penlee Lifeboats were tasked to go to the Rinsey Head area regarding a concern for welfare



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At 9.15am, in flat calm conditions, the Inshore Lifeboat ‘Mollie and Ivor Dent’ launched from Newlyn and went to the assistance of a 24-foot local fishing vessel with a fouled propeller.

Coxswain Patch Harvey was at the helm, with Mechanic Tony Rendle and volunteer crewman, Adrian Bick alongside him.

The lifeboat steamed down the western shore as far as Lamorna. At 9.30am they rendezvoused with the casualty vessel which was being towed by another Newlyn fishing boat, the ‘Sovereign’, owned and skippered by volunteer lifeboatman, Will Treneer. The tow was quickly transferred to the lifeboat, allowing Will to return to his days fishing, and the disabled vessel was towed safely back to Newlyn arriving at 10.25am.



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At 1.05pm the crew pagers sounded and the Inshore lifeboat ‘Mollie and Ivor Dent’ was tasked to launch by HM Coastguard at Falmouth. A ‘999’ call had been received from a local female stand up paddle boarder who was struggling against a strong northerly wind Force 5 just south of St. Michael's Mount.

At 1.08pm the lifeboat launched and was quickly heading out of Newlyn Harbour. With local fisherman Will Treneer at the helm, and crew members James Roberts & Andrew Wood onboard, the ‘Mollie and Ivor Dent’ sped across Mount’s Bay arriving on scene, about a third of a mile south of St. Michael’s Mount, at 1.18pm.

The paddle boarder had been battling with a strong wind & incoming tide for sometime and quickly realised that some help was required. Thankfully she was well equipped to deal with such an emergency, and was able to contact the Coastguard via the ‘999’ system using her mobile phone which was carried in a waterproof case.

The crew of the ‘Mollie and Ivor Dent’ took the female onboard and conveyed her back to the beach at Marazion. They arrived back in Newlyn at 1.40pm...job done!



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At just after 5pm the crew pagers sounded and the all-weather lifeboat ‘Ivan Ellen’ was tasked to launch by HM Coastguard, Falmouth for a medical evacuation from the 234-tonne 34.29m Belgian beam trawler Z53 ‘Van Eyck’.

The lifeboat steamed down the western shore and met up with the ‘Van Eyck’ about 2 miles off Lamorna - the trawler was escorted into the calmer waters of Mount’s Bay where the casualty, a middle aged male with a suspected ankle injury, was transferred to the Ivan Ellen lifeboat. He was quickly taken back to Newlyn and is currently undergoing hospital treatment.



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At 6.54pm the pagers sounded and the volunteer crew at Penlee were tasked to launch by HM Coastguard, Falmouth - a lone angler had been cut off by the tide on Bell Rock, near the old lifeboat station at Penlee Point. He had been fishing since about 3.00pm but soon realised that the tide had caught him out. Thankfully the angler was able to contact the Coastguard to summon help.

A total of 12 volunteer crew members left the comfort of their homes and responded to this shout - a great turn out on a Saturday night. Within 6 minutes of the pager alert the Inshore lifeboat ‘Mollie and Ivor Dent’ headed out of Newlyn Harbour and was quickly on scene at Bell Rock. The angler, who was wet and extremely cold, was located immediately and taken onboard the Inshore lifeboat. He was swiftly conveyed back to the safety of Newlyn Harbour - from start to finish this rescue took just 8 minutes!

On arrival in Newlyn the lifeboat was met by members of the Penzance Coastguard Rescue Team - they helped the angler up to the lifeboat station, checked him over, and warmed him up with a good cup of tea - teamwork at it’s very best!

Crew: Helm James Roberts, Sam Kent & Andrew ‘Woody’ Wood.

Weather: Heavy driving rain, Wind - SW Force 3-4, moderate sea.



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At 10.15am on 16th Feb, in near perfect weather conditions, the all-weather lifeboat ‘Ivan Ellen’ launched from Newlyn and went to the assistance of a local 33-foot netter, with two persons onboard, that had broken down with gear box problems half-a-mile SE of Newlyn gaps.


The lifeboat was quickly on scene, rafting the netter alongside and towing her safely back to a berth on the pontoon in Newlyn Harbour...job done!


Crew - Coxswain Patch Harvey, Mechanic Tony Rendle, Andrew Wood, Andrew Stevens, Chris Yacoubian and Jason Ward.



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At 6.57am Friday 9 February the pagers sounded and our volunteer crew were requested to launch the all-weather lifeboat. A report had been received from Falmouth Coastguard that a 2-m inflatable boat, with one person on board, had suffered engine failure somewhere in Mount’s Bay. Falmouth Coastguard were alerted to this emergency by a family member who was concerned about the safety and welfare of her relative. The lone fisherman had left his home address at about 10.30pm to go on a night-time fishing trip, launching his inflatable boat from Long Rock beach into the darkness of Mount’s Bay at about 1.00am.

Shortly after launching the outboard engine broke down and the fisherman was forced to row against a strong north-westerly wind which was gusting to Force 8 for most of the night - he was unable to make any headway and eventually became extremely tired. Thankfully he was able to use his mobile phone to summon help. Just before daylight, at 7.02am, just 5 minutes after the pagers had sounded, Penlee RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat Ivan Ellen, launched. They steamed across Mount’s Bay and quickly located the inflatable and its occupant, who was waving a torch to attract their attention, 1-mile south of St Michael’s Mount. The fisherman was very cold, exhausted and extremely relieved to see the lifeboat. He was taken onboard the Ivan Ellen with his inflatable boat and conveyed back to Newlyn. On arrival he was taken to the Lifeboat Station to warm up and have a cup of tea. None the worse for his ordeal he was collected by a family member. The weather conditions at the time were quite poor with a north-westerly wind still gusting to Force 8, it was extremely cold with a choppy sea. Speaking following this call out, Penlee RNLI Coxswain Patch Harvey said: ‘This was an early morning call out for our volunteers who reacted promptly to their pagers. Time is of the essence in these circumstances and the lifeboat was heading out of Newlyn Harbour in 5 minutes. Thankfully we located the casualty really quickly but with a strong north-westerly wind, freezing temperatures of just one degree, and a choppy sea, the end result could easily have been different. This call out is another fine example of our volunteer crew at Penlee being willing to sacrifice the warmth and comfort of their beds for the cold and damp conditions at sea, to help bring others to safety.’

Crew - Coxswain Patch Harvey, Mechanic Tony Rendle, Andrew ‘Woody’ Wood, Will Treneer, Jack Shannon, Sam Kent and Tom Ritchie. 



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At 6.40pm on 30th January 2018, at the request of HM Coastguard, Falmouth, the all-weather lifeboat ‘Ivan Ellen’ launched from Newlyn in order to assist the Sennen Cove Lifeboat ‘City of London III’ with the tow of TO50 ‘Harriet Eve’, a Newlyn based crabber aptly named after our press officers granddaughter!


The ‘Ivan Ellen’ arrived on scene at 7.00pm, about a mile south of Mousehole, and escorted the Sennen Cove Lifeboat and her tow back to Newlyn. A rope was attached from the ‘Ivan Ellen’ lifeboat to the stern of the ‘Harriet Eve’ to act as a brake whilst the ‘City of London III’ towed her safely into harbour.


Crew - Coxswain Patch Harvey, Mechanic Tony Rendle, Ben Keogh, Jack Shannon, Tom Ritchie, Mike Iles and Andrew Stevens.



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Coxswain Patch Harvey received a call at his home address from the harbour master at St Michael’s Mount who reported seeing a life-belt floating in the sea south-east of the island.

Patch informed HM Coastguard at Falmouth and they tasked the all-weather lifeboat ‘Ivan Ellen’ to recover the life-belt, and if appropriate carry out a search of the area.

At 9.35am the all-weather lifeboat ‘Ivan Ellen’ headed out through the gaps and across the bay to St Michael’s Mount. Her crew quickly located the life-belt bearing the name of ‘Energy Patriot’ and recovered it onboard. This information was passed back to Falmouth Coastguard who were able to confirm that the ‘Energy Patriot’, a 29,605-ton oil tanker, was safely at anchor off the west coast of Morocco between Casablanca and Rabat.

The lifeboat was then stood down and returned to Newlyn.

Crew - Cox Patch Harvey, Mech Tony Rendle, David Pascoe, Andrew Stevens, Will Treneer, Thomas Pascoe & Andrew Wood.

Weather - WSW Force 6-7, squally showers, 3m swell.



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The all-weather lifeboat ‘Ivan Ellen’ launched from Newlyn and went to the assistance of the ‘Mor Briez’, a 21.22m 128-ton French trawler, with a crew of 5, that was taking on water in her fish room 8 miles SSE of Newlyn.

On arrival, the volunteer crew of the Ivan Ellen made an immediate assessment of the situation and escorted the ‘Mor Briez’ back into Newlyn Harbour where a pump was placed onboard. The crew then assisted with the pumping out process for the next two hours.

The ‘Mor Briez’ will undergo a further inspection at low water tomorrow.

Crew - Cox Patch Harvey, Mech Tony Rendle, Ben Keogh, David Pascoe, Andrew Wood, Jack Shannon and Elliot Andrews.

Weather - Westerly Force 7, squally showers, moderate sea.