Penlee Lifeboat Launches 2015

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 Cox's Comments                              

19/12/15 11:45 Assist Dutch tug 'MTS Viscount' with a tow connection to the container ship 'Samskip Express' ALB SSW 7-8 Lifeboat stoodby and assisted to affix tow. Second Tug requested, lifeboat broke off and returned to Newlyn after passing tow between vessels
19/12/15 09:39  Assist Dutch tug 'MTS Viscount' with fouled propeller ALB SSW 7-8 Assist vessel to enter harbour
13/12/15 05:14 Distress flare spotted between Newlyn and Longrock ILB SW 4-5 False alarm - discarded flare casing found by Police
19/11/15 23:26  Search for missing person BOTH NW 3-4 Person was found safe & well and all units were stood down
15/11/15 15:10 Persons reported in difficulty on cliffs near Tater-Dhu lighthouse ALB SW 6-8 False alarm with good intent - it was rock climbers shouting instructions to each other
14/11/15 09:15  Refloat sunken boat in Newlyn harbour ALB N/A refloated boat and pumped out with salvage pump
11/11/15 11:48  Search for missing person ALB 3h 15m Search called off - nothing found
31/10/15 18:51  Search for missing person ALB ESE 4-5 Search called off - nothing found
24/10/15 15:45  Assist 2 windsurfers near Marazion ILB N strong Taken back to Marazion beach
09/10/15 18:45  Assist Sennen Cove Lifeboat in tow of Newlyn Crabber 'Harriet Eve' ALB ENE 4-5 occ.6 Rendezvoused with Sennen and crabber near Low-Lee Buoy, assisted tow into Newlyn
02/10/15 14:45 Transfer injured French Fisherman to shore ALB NE 3-4 Rendezvoused with French vessel and took casualty into Newlyn Harbour
27/09/15 13:44 Person reported in Penzance Harbour face down in water BOTH SE 3-5 Person recovered and passed to awaiting coastguard and paramedics 
19/09/15 08:17 Assist rescue of a dog at Church cove, Gunwalloe ILB N 3 Assist Mullion Coastguard team, dog recovered OK 
19/09/15 03:23 Person in sea near Penzance Harbour  BOTH N 3 Person found and taken into Penzance 
07/09/15 12:47  18ft angling vessel broken down off Loe Bar ILB NE 3 Vessel taken under tow
02/09/15 13:13 Assist Yacht aground in Newlyn harbour  ILB N 5 Yacht towed off and escorted to mooring 
01/09/15 14:44 Missing diver 5 miles south of the Lizard Point ALB NNW 4 Diver found by HMS Somerset and airlifted to Derriford Hospital, Plymouth by Rescue 193
31/08/15 11:18  Recover abandoned Jet-ski off Marazion beach ILB N 5 Jet-Ski located and towed back to Newlyn for collection by the owner
30/08/15 20:32 Persons in sea near Praa Sands BOTH NE 2-3 Stood down - Persons found safe on beach
14/08/15 16:21  Assistance of a 16ft boat close to going ashore on Mousehole Island ILB W 4-5 Mousehole Deputy Harbourmaster already had the boat under tow back to harbour
08/08/15 17:46 Search for overdue vessel BOTH WSW 3-4 Stood down - false alarm with good intent
08/08/15 15:15  Assist small fishing boat 'King Bob' broken down off Loe Bar ALB WSW 3-4 Towed back to Penzance Harbour 
04/08/15 14:45 Assist 16ft yacht 'Ellen' close to shore near Mousehole harbour ILB SW 5 Towed to safer position by ILB following intervention by HM Coastguard Falmouth
01/08/15 10:21  Assist Yacht aground in Newlyn harbour ILB W 2 Assisted grounded yacht to refloat and towed to mooring
29/07/15 16:15 Day trip boat 'Cormorant' fouled its propeller off Lamorna cove. ILB NW 5 Towed back to Mousehole harbour by ILB
26/07/15 10:05  Assist 40ft yacht 'Twingo' with rigging failure and engine problems ALB SW 6-7 2.5 miles east of Newlyn with two persons on board, towed the yacht to Newlyn Harbour 
24/07/15 19:38 Two kayakers in need of assistance off Penlee Point. ILB NW 5-6 Penlee ILB was requested to launch, arrived on scene, recovered both casualties and kayaks then returned to Newlyn
18/07/15 12:25 Broken down speedboat with 2 persons aboard near Porthcurno ILB SSW 3 ILB towed craft to Penzance and handed over to coastguard.
15/07/15 19:16 Assist kayakers off Poldhu cove BOTH SW 3 Boats stood down en-route 
15/07/15 16:00 Take over tow of French trawler 'Cezembre' from Lizard Lifeboat ALB SW 2-3 Penlee took the tow about 8 miles south of Newlyn, Penlee assisted by MFV Danmark brought vessel into Newlyn harbour
11/07/15 16:15 Assist the Coastguard in a coastal search for possible missing persons BOTH SW 5 No persons found, search called off by Coastguard.
10/07/15 21:59 To assist 10m Gill Netter 'Jorja Loise' with engine failure.  ALB WNW 3 Towed into Newlyn Harbour from a few miles SE of Newlyn
10/07/15 10:30 To assist 35m Scalloper 'Martine' with engine failure (Drop off engineer and standby) ALB SE 4 After engineer failed to restart engine, ALB assisted by Fisheries vessel 'St.Piran' towed 'Martine' into Newlyn harbour
11/06/15 08:17  To assist yacht Ninjod with blown out sails and exhausted crew ALB ESE 5-6  Yacht picked up just off Mousehole and towed into Newlyn
09/06/15 11:51  Search of area near 'Runnel Stone' after debris spotted ALB ESE 3 Nothing found
31/05/15 05:55 To assist a trawler with engine failure. ILB SW 5 Assist the ALB in towing vessel through gaps into Newlyn harbour
30/05/15 21:59 To assist a trawler with engine failure. ALB SW 5  

Full Press Release

18/05/15 19:31  Search for two overdue paddle boarders BOTH W 6-7 Returned to station after search called off, Paddle boarders safe and well on beach 
17/05/15 11:00  Assist Yacht with engine failure ALB W 2-3 Diverted to yacht whilst on exercise, towed yacht into Newlyn
15/05/15 16:20 Takeover Tow from Sennen Lifeboat  ALB Slight 2 Tow of the vessel 'Emma Louise' taken from Sennen and vessel taken to Newlyn 
13/05/15 14:55 Assist 32ft Yacht 'Solstice' ILB SE 3 Yacht taken under tow to Newlyn 
03/05/15 15:01  Penzance NCI reported yacht drifting off Long Rock. BOTH SW 5 Yacht with 1 crew member towed back to Newlyn
02/05/15 16:33 Windsurfer/Kitesurfer reported in difficulty off Longrock  BOTH ESE 4-5  Nothing found, return to station
30/04/15 20:27  Yacht drive power failure whilst attempting to enter Porthleven harbour BOTH  NE 2 All safe, yacht towed to Newlyn harbour
22/04/15 19:49 Small sailing vessel in difficulty outside Penzance Harbour ILB ESE 4 On arrival found that the small sailing vessel was just entering the harbour - Safe.           
22/04/15 16:30 Assist Scallop trawler Philomena broken down ALB ESE 6 Vessel had lost her propeller 30 miles east of The Lizard
09/04/15 18:57 Attend to Vessel 'Trevessa' Injured fisherman ALB SE 3 Vessel was in harbour, ALB transferred fisherman to waiting ambulance. 
31/03/15 19:10 A French fisherman suffering from facial injuries caused at sea ALB N 6-7 Safely evacuated from the stern trawler Azur and taken on board the Ivan Ellen off Newlyn
21/03/15 14:35  Family cut off by incoming tide at Marazion ILB NE 3-4 ILB attended and administered first aid, landed family on Chapel Rock where they were met by paramedics
10/03/15 19:20  Tow take from Lizard lifeboat of yacht 'Red Sox' ALB SE 4 ALB on exercise took over tow from Lizard Lifeboat
26/02/15 08:31 Fishing Vessel 'Algarie' being towed by Sennen lifeboat - Penlee took over ALB WNW 7 Penlee were alerted to Sennen Lifeboat approaching Newlyn with vessel under tow. Penlee took over
11/02/15 06:17  Fishing Vessel 'Molly May' reported aground on Mousehole Island BOTH SE 3 Both lifeboats called to scene. 1 person taken off Mousehole Island, Vessel towed back to Newlyn 


 Launch details:



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Footage of Saturday's!

Posted by Penlee Lifeboat on Sunday, 20 Dec 2015

The All-weather lifeboat 'Ivan Ellen' launched from Newlyn at 11.45am to assist Dutch tug 'MTS Viscount' to affix a tow to the stricken container ship 'Samskip Express', that was at anchor off Porthleven but dragging.

The Tug had received minor damage after colliding with the container ship in an earlier attempt and fouled it's propeller rendering one engine useless. After the Tug had repaired damage it was escorted by the lifeboat back to the container ship.

Utilising the superior manoeuvrability of the Ivan Ellen the crew from Penlee were able to recover the tow line and pass it to the tug. The tow line failed and a further attempt was carried out. Unfortunately, the tow line was joined with a shackle to the heaving line and the shackle then got stuck in the container ship's fairlead.

Eventually the tow was made and the Lifeboat stood down to return to base after 2 shouts and a total of 8 hours at sea. The crew on return to Newlyn harbour, paused in front of the Penlee lifeboat house for a moment to remember the crew of the Solomon Browne who launched from there on their final voyage 34 years ago to the day.



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Photo: Dave James


The All-weather lifeboat 'Ivan Ellen' launched from Newlyn at 9.39am to assist Dutch tug 'MTS Viscount' to enter Newlyn Harbour.

The Tug fouled her propeller when trying to affix a tow to the stricken container ship 'Samskip Express', that was at anchor off Porthleven but dragging.

The Tug also received minor damage after colliding with the container ship.



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Photo: Sam Kent


Penlee Inshore lifeboat 'Paul Alexander' launched at 5.14am on Sunday 13th December to search the coastline between Longrock and Newlyn after distress flares where seen in that area.

As the lifeboat was searching Police found a used flare case on the Albert Pier in Penzance!! It looks like an inconsiderate person fired the flares from Penzance Harbour - 12 lifeboat crew responded, the Police and Coastguard teams have been out searching for someone in distress.

This foolish act has caused an unnecessary drain on the resources of all the emergency services involved.



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Both Penlee lifeboats launched at 11.26pm on Thursday 19th November to help in the search for an elderly missing person.

We were joined by the Police, & Coastguard Cliff Rescue Teams from Penzance, St Ives and Lands End, who where also tasked by Falmouth Coastguards.

Using powerful search lights and night vision cameras the Ivan Ellen & Paul Alexander lifeboats searched Newlyn Harbour, and the coast from Battery Rocks to Penlee Point close to the shore, whilst the Coastguard Cliff Rescue teams carried out a shore side search.

At 12:50am the person was found safe & well and all units were stood down.

Well done to all those involved - when a person is found, and is ok, it makes all the effort worthwhile. 



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Photo: Michael Ellis


The Penlee all-weather lifeboat, 'Ivan Ellen' launched at 3.10pm on Sunday 15th November. A member of the public could hear someone shouting at the bottom of a cliff between Tater-Dhu Lighthouse and Penberth, thinking that someone required help they contacted the emergency services.

Penlee Lifeboat along with Rescue 193 Search and Rescue Helicopter and Lands End Cliff Rescue team all responded. 

Penlee Lifeboat started a shore line search and saw some rock climbers at Merthen Point, Rescue 193 Helicopter landed near by to speek to the climbers and it transpired that they were shouting instructions to each other and not in any danger, a false alarm with good intent.

All units were stood down at 16:45. Penlee service 1h 45mins



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Photo: Martin Brockman (LVO)


At 9.15am on 14th November a Penlee crew member noticed that a vessel moored in Newlyn Harbour had sunk overnight.

The Harbour Master was informed of the situation and members of his team joined forces with the Penlee crew to set about refloating the vessel.

Penlee all-weather lifeboat 'Ivan Ellen' tied the vessel alongside, and after many attempts, with all hands working together, the boat was lifted just above the water. The lifeboat crew then used a salvage pump and commenced pumping the vessel out.

At 12.00pm, after almost three hours, the vessel was pumped dry and re-floated. A total of 2 hours 45 minutes service

ALB Crew - Patch, Dave P, Josh, Andrew and Kenny.



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At 11.48am on Sunday 11th November 2015, the Sennen Cove and Penlee Lifeboat's were called to assist in a coastline search for a reported missing woman between Lamorna Cove and Cape Cornwall.

Coastguard Rescue Teams and a police helicopter were also deployed.

The lifeboats were stood down after three hours, but the search continues by other emergency services.



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At 6:51pm on 31st October 2015, the Penlee lifeboat was requested to launch by HM coastguard to search an area of Mounts Bay following reports of a missing person.

An extensive coastal search in failing light and reasonable visibility revealed nothing so the search area was widened. The search was finally called off after nearly 3 hours with nothing found and the Lifeboat and it's volunteer crew returned to Newlyn.

Missing Person confirmed found safe and well the next day.



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Photos: Chris Yacoubian Ltd


At 3:45pm on 24th October 2015, the Inshore lifeboat 'Paul Alexander' and it's volunteer crew launched from Newlyn and went to the assistance of two windsurfers who were in difficulties of St. Michael's Mount due to a strong northerly wind.

Both windsurfers and their boards were taken onboard the 'Paul Alexander' and conveyed back to Marazion beach.

They were a little cold but otherwise unscathed. Both were extremely grateful to the crew.



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Photos: RNLI Penlee/Martin Brockman


The Penlee All-weather lifeboat 'Ivan Ellen' launched from Newlyn and assisted Sennen Cove lifeboat with the tow of the Newlyn crabber 'Harriet Eve'.

The Harriet Eve was taking in water through the stern tube and required immediate assistance SSW off the Wolf Rock with 5 persons on board.

Falmouth Coastguard requested Sennen Cove Lifeboat to launch, Sennen Coxswain, Terry George, and his crew proceeded to the Harriet Eve and quickly put a crewman on board with the salvage pump. Once the pump was started the sea water levels began to lower and a tow towards Newlyn commenced.

The Ivan Ellen then rendezvoused with the towing party just off the Low Lee Buoy, where she then took the rear tow and acted as a break to allow safe entry to Newlyn Harbour.

Sennen then went alongside the Harriet Eve and brought her to dock at the pier. 



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Photos: Michael Ellis


at 2.45pm on 2nd October 2015, the Penlee all-weather lifeboat 'Ivan Ellen' launched from Newlyn and assisted with the transfer of an injured fisherman from the French Trawler 'Effera', just off the Low Lee Buoy. The trawler was too large to enter Newlyn Harbour as its arrival coincided with a very low spring tide (0.9m) so the transfer took place at sea.

The fisherman is currently receiving treatment for a wrist injury at West Cornwall Hospital, Penzance and will be repatriated to France as soon as possible.



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Photo: The Cornishman online/Greg Martin


At 1.44pm on Sunday 27th September, at the request of HM Coastguard, Falmouth, the Inshore Lifeboat 'Paul Alexander' and its volunteer crew launched from Newlyn.

With Penlee's full time mechanic, Tony Rendle, at the helm, and crew members, Sam Kent & Marcel Le Bretton, the lifeboat sped to Penzance Harbour to rescue a person who was reportedly floating 'face down' in the water. The casualty was quickly located near the bow of an angling boat moored alongside the Albert Pier. Crew member, Sam Kent, entered the water, swam to the casualty, and recovered the person back to the Inshore lifeboat. Immediate resuscitation/first aid was administered, by Sam Kent and Marcel Le Bretton, and the casualty was quickly handed over to waiting Paramedics, and airlifted to the Royal Cornwall Hospital, Treliske, by Rescue 193.

After completing a full search of the harbour and immediate shoreline, the Inshore lifeboat, 'Paul Alexander' returned to Newlyn and was made ready for service.



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Photo: Mullion Coastguard twitter


The Penlee Inshore lifeboat 'Paul Alexander' was requested to launch at 08:17 this morning to assist the Mullion coastguard team to rescue a dog at Church Cove, Gunwalloe. This is a regular spot for dog walkers and we have had calls here before. The ILB launched as a precaution to back-up the coastguard team. The dog was recovered and reunited with its owner without injury.

A reminder to dog owners, if your dog does get into difficulty, do exactly what this responsible dog owner did, call the experts to help, don't try to rescue the dog yourself. We don't want to be called out to rescue you!



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Photo: Chris Yacoubian Ltd


Both Penlee Lifeboats launched at 03:28 on 19th September 2015, a person had fallen from the Albert Pier into the sea.

Penlee ILB 'Paul Alexander' recovered the person from the sea and took him into Penzance harbour to a waiting ambulance.

Penzance Cliff Rescue Team and the Police were also on scene.



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Photo: RNLI/Penlee


At 12:47pm the 'Paul Alexander' Inshore lifeboat launched from Newlyn to assist an 18ft angling vessel broken down off Loe Bar.

Vessel safely taken under tow.



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Photo: RNLI/Penlee


On Wed 2nd September following a very busy week at Penlee, the Inshore Lifeboat, 'Paul Alexander', was called to assist a yacht called 'Two boys' that had run aground inside Newlyn harbour at the south end. The yacht wasn't in much danger, but the swift actions of the Penlee team prevented the situation from escalating into something worse.

The Yacht was escorted to a mooring.



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Photo: RNLI/Sam Kent


At 2:44pm the 'Ivan Ellen' lifeboat launched from Newlyn and joined The Lizard & Falmouth lifeboats, HMS Somerset, and Rescue 193, in the search for a missing diver 5 miles south of the Lizard Point.

The diver, who had activated a personal locater beacon, was eventually found by HMS Somerset and airlifted to Derriford Hospital, Plymouth by Rescue 193.

This was a very well coordinated rescue by HM Coastguard, Falmouth. The fact that the diver was wearing appropriate safety equipment aided the search and led to a successful conclusion.

Team work at its best!

Read the ITV news story here



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Photo: Elaine Trethowan


Penlee Inshore Lifeboat was launched at 11:18 during the Newlyn Fish Festival to recover an abandoned Jet-Ski near St.Michaels Mount.

The Jet-Ski was brought back to Newlyn Harbour awaiting collection by the owner.



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Photo: Google Maps


Both Penlee Lifeboats were requested to launch at 20:32 this evening by Falmouth Coastguards following reports that two persons were in the sea at Praa Sands and required assistance, thankfully just as both Lifeboats left the harbour the casulties managed to get back ashore safely.

Penlee lifeboats returned to station arriving at 20:46.


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Photo: Michael Ellis


Penlee Inshore Lifeboat 'Paul Alexander' launched from Newlyn at 4:21pm and went to the assistance of a 16ft boat which was very close to going ashore on Mousehole Island. On arrival, they found that the Deputy Harbourmaster at Mousehole, Bill Johnson, already had the boat under tow back to harbour.

It was the first day of Carnival weekend in Mousehole, so the ILB crew had a lot of spectators around the harbour - Time for a pose Heath!

The Inshore lifeboat returned to Newlyn. 

Weather: NW 2 with 0.5m swell, visibility 6 miles

Crew: Ben (Helm), Will and Heath



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Photo: Michael Ellis

Photo: Darren Strick Cornish Photography 


At 5:46pm today both the Penlee lifeboats launched to search for a vessel reported as 'Overdue' into Newlyn Harbour. This is always a very worrying shout for our crews as you know not what to expect.

Fortunately, the search was called off and logged as a false alarm with good intent.



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Photo: RNLI/Elaine Trethowan

Photo: RNLI/Sam Kent


At 3:15pm today the Penlee All-weather lifeboat 'Ivan Ellen' Launched to the aid of a small fishing boat called 'King Bob' which had broken down off Loe Bar, near Porthleven.

The vessel was towed back to Penzance harbour with a little additional help from the Penzance Sailing Club rib.



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Photos: Michael Ellis


At 2:45 yesterday afternoon at the request of HM Coastguard, Falmouth, the Penlee Inshore Lifeboat 'Paul Alexander' launched and went to the assistance of the 16ft yacht 'Ellen', with three adults and two children onboard.

The yacht had gone aground just north of Mousehole Harbour. Initial lifeboat assistance was declined by the 'Ellen' but Falmouth Coastguard insisted that she was towed to a safe position between Mousehole Island and the shore.

Crew - David Pascoe, Will Treneer & Patch Harvey



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Photos: RNLI/Sam Kent


Visiting yacht stuck on the mud at the south end of Newlyn Harbour on a falling tide.

A few boats had tried to help however Penlee ILB 'Paul Alexander' was much more effective. The yacht was quickly released from the mud with a short tow and it saved them spending 6 hours aground.

No one in any real danger however a prompt launch by the Inshore lifeboat 'Paul Alexander' saved any damage to the yacht or further complications.




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Photos: Michael Ellis


Penlee Inshore lifeboat 'Paul Alexander' was called to the aid of the 24ft long 'Day Tripping' passenger vessel the 'Cormorant' which had fouled its propeller off Lamorna Cove.

The 'Cormorant' was towed into Mousehole Harbour. The ILB is on the starboard side of the 'Cormorant' tied fast side-by-side providing better manoeuvrability for entering the harbour.   



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Footage of Sunday's service!

Posted by Penlee Lifeboat on Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Photo: Chris Yacoubian Ltd


On Sunday, the Penlee Lifeboat Ivan Ellen and its volunteer crew were diverted from their normal weekly morning exercise to go to the aid of a 40ft yacht 'Twingo'.

The two-person crew had called for assistance two and a half miles east of Newlyn after the yacht's jib sail had jammed; Twingo was also experiencing engine problems.

In a South Westerly Force 6, and a heavy swell from the previous nights storm, the Penlee ALB 'Ivan Ellen' towed Twingo safely back to Newlyn Harbour.



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Photo: RNLI/Sam Kent


19:38 launch request from Falmouth Coastguard. The Penlee ILB, 'Paul Alexander' was at sea within 4 minutes to the aid of two kayakers off Penlee Point.

Falmouth Coastguard received a 999 call from a member of public who saw two kayakers off Penlee Point, one was in the water after capsizing and needed immediate assistance, Penlee ILB was requested to launch, arrived on scene, recovered both casualties and kayaks then returned to Newlyn at 20:00, another good outcome.



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Photo: Michael Ellis

Photo: RNLI/Penlee Lifeboat


Falmouth Coastguard requested the launch of the Penlee Inshore Lifeboat 'Paul Alexander' at 12:25 today after a small 14ft speedboat had broken down at Porthcurno with two persons on board, Penlee ILB towed the vessel to Penzance harbour, Penzance Coastguard Cliff Rescue team meet them to give owners advice and to make sure the vessel was carrying the necessary safety equipment on board.

Penlee ILB returned to Newlyn, ready for service at 13:40.

ILB crew, Ben, Dave P and James.
Shore crew, Patch, Tony and Marcel

Top Photo taken from Mousehole as the 'Paul Alexander' passed by on the way to Porthcurno and lower photo taken as the 'Paul Alexander' returned to station.



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The Penlee ALB, 'Ivan Ellen' and ILB, 'Paul Alexander' were requested to go to the aid of kayakers off Poldhu cove who were in difficulty.

Both lifeboats were 'stood down' by Falmouth coastguard en-route as the kayakers were safely on the beach.



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Photo: Penlee/Elaine Trethowan


The Lizard lifeboat was launched just before 11am on 15/07/2015 to go to the aid of the French trawler 'Cezembre', 34 miles SSW of the Lizard that has fouled propeller. Following a long tow, they transferred the tow to Penlee about 8 miles from Newlyn. Lizard returned to station and Penlee towed the trawler back to Newlyn.

A great job by our colleagues at the Lizard RNLI lifeboat station and the MFV Danmark who acted as a brake coming through the gaps.

A classic 'Team effort'.



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Photo: Sue Mason


On Sat 11th July 2015 at 16:15pm members of the Penzance Coastguard Rescue Team and both Penlee lifeboats as well as a RNAS Culdrose Search and Rescue helicopter were called to the eastern end of the beach at Perranuthnoe after reports that a person had been seen in the water.

The person was brought into the beach by a member of the public but sadly pronounced dead at the scene.

A further coastal search took place in case of any further missing persons. This was subsequently then called off by the coastguard.

Full story can be read here



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Photo: RNLI/Penlee


On Friday 10th July 2015 at 9:59pm the 'Ivan Ellen' lifeboat launched from Newlyn and went to the assistance of the 'Jorja Louise', a 30ft gill netter with two persons on board, which had broken down with fuel problems three miles ESE of Newlyn. The vessel was towed safely back to Newlyn Harbour arriving at 11:10pm.

The 'Ivan Ellen' was then made ready for her next service.



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Photos: RNLI/Penlee 


On the night of 9/7/15 the 35m scalloper 'Martine' broke down and was taken under tow back to Newlyn by another beam trawler. At 10:30am on the morning of 10/7/15 and at the request of the Newlyn Harbour Master, the 'Ivan Ellen' lifeboat launched and conveyed the vessels owner, and an engineer, out into Mounts Bay in order to carry out engine repairs.

The lifeboat stood by the 'Martine' but eventually had to tow her back to port as the engines could not be restarted.


Assistance was given by the Fisheries patrol vessel 'Saint Piran' who placed a rope on the stern of the scalloper to act as a brake whilst the 'Ivan Ellen' towed her safely through the gaps at Newlyn.

2 hours and 30 mins service



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Photo: RNLI/Elaine Trethowan


At 08:17am on 11th June 2015 and at the request of HM Coastguard, Falmouth, the Penlee ALB 'Ivan Ellen' launched from Newlyn and went to the assistance of a 10m yacht 'Ninjod' which needed assistance 15 miles SSW of Newlyn.

The yacht, which was on its return voyage from the Azores race, had both its sails blown out and very little fuel. The loan yachtsman was also very tired and worn out. 

In a strong ESE wind Force 5-6 with choppy sea conditions the 'Ninjod' was towed safely back to Newlyn Harbour.

Crew - Patch Harvey, Tony Rendle, David Pascoe, Ben Keogh, Mike Isles, Heath Robinson & James Roberts.



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Photo: Michael Ellis


9th June 2015 at 11.51am. The Penlee Lifeboat 'Ivan Ellen' launched to search after debris spotted off the Runnel stone.

With deteriorating conditions the 'Ivan Ellen' returned to Newlyn having found nothing.



Shout 30/05/15 @ 21:59

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Trawler 35 miles South of Newlyn last night. A long tow home.

Posted by Penlee Lifeboat on Sunday, 31 May 2015

On the night of Saturday 30th May, just before 10 pm, the 'Ivan Ellen' was launched to the Brixham beam trawler Kerrie Marie had suffered a complete engine breakdown about 35 miles to the south of Newlyn. The 'Ivan Ellen' was on the scene at 11.50pm for a rendezvous on a dark and windy night.

To complicate the operation the Kerrie Marie had suffered power failure with her rudder hard to port, which made towing her deadweight very difficult especially in the heavy swell, causing a good deal of extra stress on the tow-line.

However they managed to make headway of around five knots, but it was a long and uncomfortable night for the volunteer crew, and they did not make it into Newlyn harbour (with the help of the inshore lifeboat Paul Alexander) until 7am, a good 10 hours after launching.

click here for the press release



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Photo: Michael Ellis


Both Penlee lifeboats were launched after reports of two paddle-boarders in trouble off Penzance promenade. The lifeboats could find no trace of them, but their car was discovered empty in Penzance, which led to an all-out search by lifeboats, cliff teams, SAR 771 helicopter and the police. After 1h and 30mins with night almost upon them it was reported that they had been located ashore at Perranuthnoe.

They had left another car there in order to paddle between the two, unfortunately telling no-one else their plans.



 Shout 17/05/15 @ 11:00 top of page

Photo: Barrie Clark


Whilst on Exercise, the Penlee ALB, 'Ivan Ellen' noticed a catamaran, 'Two Hoots' in difficulties off Mousehole Island.

On closer inspection the catamaran had lost it's engine due to a failure of the fixing bracket and was in need of assistance.

The lifeboat towed the vessel into Newlyn harbour and helped retrieve the engine.

There was a 'Cornishman Newspaper' photographer on board the 'Ivan Ellen' during the exercise/service.



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Photo: RNLI/Penlee Lifeboat


Launch request at 16:20 to assist the towing of the crabber 'Emma Louise' who had suffered steering problems.

The Sennen Cove Lifeboat had the vessel under tow, Penlee took over the tow and brought the vessel into Newlyn Harbour.



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On 13th May 2015 Penlee ILB, 'Paul Alexander' was called to the assistance of a 32ft Yacht 'Solstice' who had suffered engine failure.

The Yacht was taken under tow and brought into Newlyn Harbour.



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Photo: Eric Taylor


On 3rd May 2015 both the inshore and the all-weather lifeboats at Penlee were tasked just after 3pm after Penzance National Coastwatch Institution reported the vessel drifting about half a mile off the coast at Long Rock.

Relief coxswain, Tony Barclay, led the 'Ivan Ellen' to the 25ft yacht which had one person on board.

The ALB towed the yacht back to Newlyn harbour, where the ILB helped to berth it.



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ALB search pattern


Member of the public reported Windsurfer or Kitesurfer having difficulty off Longrock beach. Both the Penlee lifeboats were launched to commence a search after finding nothing at the scene. Call from the member of the public with good intentions.

ALB crew: Tony Barclay (Staff Cox), Tony, Will, Josh, Daniel, Sam and Paul

ILB crew: Ben, Dave O, Paul



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Photo: RNLI/Penlee


Yacht suffered drive failure whilst under engine power attempting to enter Porthleven harbour. ALB 'Ivan Ellen' and the ILB 'Paul Alexander' went to the assistance of a 36-foot yacht which had lost the use of its propeller just outside Porthleven Harbour.

Crew member, Tom Matson, was transferred on board and the yacht was towed safely back to Newlyn arriving at 11:00pm.



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Photo: Sam Kent (RNLI Crew) 


At 7.49pm on 22nd April 2015 the crew pagers were activated and a launch request was received from HM Coastguard at Falmouth, who had received a number of 999 calls from members of the public who had witnessed a small sailing vessel capsizing more than once in rough sea conditions just outside Penzance Harbour.

With Dave Pascoe at the helm and accompanied by volunteer crew members, Ben Keogh and Tom Matson, the inshore lifeboat 'Duckhams 2001' launched from Newlyn and swiftly made its way to Penzance. On arrival they found that the small sailing vessel was just entering the harbour. Volunteer crew member, Ben Keogh, said: "We spoke to the chap on board and everything was in order and under control. He was properly kitted out with a life jacket and wetsuit. We just stayed with him until he was safely inside Penzance Harbour".

The inshore lifeboat 'Duckhams 2001' returned to Newlyn and was made ready for service



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Photo: Phil Monckton 


At 4.30pm on Wednesday 22nd April the all-weather lifeboat Ivan Ellen launched from Newlyn at the request of the Philomena’s owners. In a force five easterly wind with Coxswain Patch Harvey at the helm, the lifeboat escorted the trawler back to Newlyn. About a mile off shore the crew attached a rope on the stern of the trawler, to act as a brake and to keep her straight, and once through the gaps they safely manoeuvred the Philomena into a berth at Newlyn Harbour. 2hours and 30 mins service for Penlee 



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At 6:57pm the Penlee ALB 'Ivan Ellen' was called to the assistance of an injured fisherman on the beam trawler 'Trevessa'. The fisherman had stepped backwards and fell down an open hatch into the vessels ice room injuring his leg.

HM Coastguard and paramedics attended, but the safest way to get the fisherman to the waiting ambulance was to transfer him to the lifeboat and then onto the small boat pontoons.



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Photo: RNLI/Penlee


At 7:10pm on Tuesday 31st March the crew pagers were activated by HM Coastguard Falmouth, and the volunteer crew at RNLI Penlee were put on ‘stand by’.

At 8:30pm the same evening, with Deputy Coxswain Kenny Downing at the helm, the all-weather lifeboat Ivan Ellen launched from Newlyn and met up with the 70 foot French stern trawler Azur a mile south east of Newlyn. The injured fisherman was safely transferred between the Azur and the Ivan Ellen lifeboat.

The lifeboat crew were accompanied by Andrew Munson, local French Consul and Penlee Lifeboat Operations Manager, who was able to help with communication, offering the injured fisherman reassurance and support in his own language on the short trip back to Newlyn Harbour. On arrival he was transferred to an awaiting ambulance and taken to West Cornwall Hospital, Penzance for immediate treatment.

Andrew Munson accompanied the fisherman to the hospital, remained present during his treatment and assisted with translations. The injured man has since been released and awaits repatriation to his home country for further medical treatment.



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At 2:35pm on Saturday 21st March the pagers were activated and the Inshore lifeboat Paul Alexander launched from Newlyn.

In near perfect weather conditions, with Ben Keogh at the helm, and crew members Heath Robinson and Tom Matson, the lifeboat raced across Mount’s Bay to help in the rescue of the woman and three children, believed to be holidaymakers, who had been cut off by a fast rising tide at Hogus Rocks, just west of St Michael’s Mount.

The Inshore lifeboat quickly arrived on scene to find that the casualties had already been rescued by the St Michael’s Mount passenger ferry. Two of the volunteer lifeboat crew transferred to the ferry and gave first aid to the woman who then suffered a medical emergency. All three children were very cold and shocked, and one was suffering from mild hypothermia. The family were all transported to Chapel Rock and carried ashore to awaiting Paramedic’s by the lifeboat crew and members of the Penzance Coastguard Cliff Rescue Team.

Patch Harvey, RNLI Coxswain at Penlee said, ‘We would always advise anyone who is visiting the beach or coast to check on the tide times. On this occasion there was a successful outcome, but the end result could have been very different. I would like to thank the crew of the St Michael’s Mount ferry who went to the immediate assistance of this family and rescued them from the rocks. As always it was teamwork at its best!



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Photo: RNLI/Lizard lifeboat


The Lizard lifeboat was launched at 4:14pm to the 25ft yacht Red Sox with one person on board. The yacht had suffered engine failure and was unable to sail against the sea conditions one mile south of Lizard Point. The Lizard lifeboat reached the scene within 10 minutes where lifeboat crew member John Hill was put on board to help set up a towline.

The yacht was then towed to Newlyn harbour with the tow en-route being swapped to the Penlee Lifeboat 'Ivan Ellen' who had launched on routine exercise, off Newlyn who then assisted the yacht to moor alongside in the harbour arriving at 7:40pm allowing the Lizard lifeboat to return to station at 8:25pm.



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Photo: Cornishman Newspaper


The crew of Sennen Lifeboat were called out at midnight after a fishing vessel, The Algrie, lost power several miles off the coast of Cape Cornwall.

The Sennen lifeboat crew reached the trawler, which had four people on board, and set up a tow ready to bring it ashore.

Due to the poor weather conditions Sennen Lifeboat was out on the call for eight hours before it called the Penlee Lifeboat to take over the tow allowing Sennen to return to station.

The Penlee lifeboat bought the Algrie into Newlyn harbour.



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Photo: Kevin Penney (Via Twitter)


Fishing Vessel 'Molly May' reported aground on Mousehole Island. Both lifeboats launched to assist. Penlee Inshore lifeboat 'Paul Alexander' took 1 person off the Island and the All weather lifeboat 'Ivan Ellen' took vessel under tow.

Vessel's owner reported failure of steering and ran the vessel onto the Island where he proceeded to get off his vessel.

The vessel then floated off and started to drift leaving the owner stranded. Luckily the owner had his mobile phone with him and called Falmouth Coastguard for assistance.

The vessel was towed back to Newlyn harbour.